May 312008

Singer 7466 Touch&Sew 70 Stitches, 120 Functions, Computer Electronic Sewing Machine, 3x1-step BH's, Drop-in Bobbin, 25/5/3 Yr Ext. Wnty

Singer 7466 Touch & Sew Computer Sewing Machine

Singer 7466 Touch & Sew 70 Stitches, 120 Functions, Computer Electronic Sewing Machine, Three One-Step Buttonholes, Drop-in Bobbin


  • The SINGER® 7466 is a fully electronic sewing machine.
  • It has a full range of utility, decorative, quilting, heirloom, and stretch stitches.
  • Each stitch is electronically formed and optimally set, which means every stitch is sewn with exact precision.
  • You can even do free motion work with its drop feed feature.
  • The SINGER® 7466 also threads quickly and easily with its 6-Second Threading System.
  • And with Pushbutton Stitch Selection, even selecting a stitch is a snap.
  • Class 15J Bobbins – Are you familiar with the class 15J bobbin? This is a special class bobbin used in the 7400 series of machines, as well as the Futura (CE-100) and Quantum Futura (CE-200). Do not use regular class 15 bobbins in these machines, they will cause tension problems and can damage the bobbin case. The 15J is slightly smaller than the regular class 15, and the edges have a slight curve towards the center. The part number for this bobbin is 085128.

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