Jun 122017

Brother SE-400 Embroidery & Sewing Machine

Brother SE-400 Combination Embroidery and Sewing Machine

How To Transfer Embroidery Files To the SE400 using Your Android Smart Phone

I want to tell you about something I just learned recently, and it’s made the world of difference for me when it comes to transferring files from my computer to the embroidery machine.

You see, the SE400 does not have a USB port for a flash drive, or USB stick as some call it. It only has a port for a cable that attaches the machine to your computer. This cable has what looks like a square printer connector at the end that plugs into your machine and a USB (male) connector that plugs into your computer.

So, here is a simple explanation of the basic computer devices. You have the computer hard drive, and you have USB ports to add other devices. In my case I have several devices on my computer. C: is the main hard drive, D: is my DVD drive, and E: is my wireless mouse. When I plug the cable from my SE400 into an available USB port it shows up as drive F:. Yours may be different depending on how many devices you have attached to your computer.

Then, there are a couple of other devices that can be used to store my embroidery designs – a USB flash drive and my LG G2 smart phone. I mostly use my phone for calls, text messages, photos, and maybe a game of Candy Crush. I use a cable that attaches my phone to my computer so that I can transfer my photos back and forth.

So, for the last five months or so, I have had to transport my laptop to my embroidery machine, which isn’t always that convenient. I thought, “There has to be a better way to upload my files to my SE400!”

Well, there is! I may be slow, but the train eventually arrives at its destination…most of the time, that is 😀

Until now, the only way that I knew to transfer files to my phone was by connecting the phone directly to my computer via the phone cable. What I didn’t realize was I can store my embroidery designs on my phone and then transfer them to my SE400.

Okay, so it started with me trying to figure out how I could transfer my files from my computer to my flash drive, and then from the flash drive to my machine. Well, one, or several, of the ladies in my embroidery Facebook group mentioned that there would be no way to tell my flash drive to upload the files onto my machine, and my machine wouldn’t be able to see the files on my flash drive. Hmmm, that made sense, so back to square one.

So, then I started searching YouTube for videos on how to do it. I found one that showed a guy using an OTG (On The Go) cable to move music and photos from one smart phone to another. So, I felt like I was getting closer. However, moving photos and music is still quite different than PES files. Then, someone mentioned using a File Manager on their phone to transfer files. Oh, my goodness, I’m really close now.

Eversame OTG Cable Adapter, [2-Pack] 6 Inch USB 2.0 A Female to Micro B Male Converter On The Go Charger Cable For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/Tab A, HTC, LG, Nexus 4 and More

Next, I downloaded a File Manager app from the Google Play Store. I also found an app called Embrotailer. This was supposed to be the app I needed to transfer embroidery files, but it really fell short of completely the tasks and there was very little support for it. There is a YouTube video, but honestly, it wasn’t much help to me. I did see which storage directories it was looking for files, which helped a little. Another nice thing about Embrotailer is it allowed me to view PES files, which you just can’t do with a regular file manager.

So, basically, there are four things you need to transfer files from your computer to the SE400 – a USB flash drive, a smart phone, a File Manager app, and an OTG cable.

Here’s what I do to transfer my PES files from my laptop to my SE400.

What you need:

  • A computer with an available USB port.
  • A USB flash drive.
  • A smart phone – mine is the LG G2.
  • A File Manager app for your phone. Mine is ZenUI, ASUS Computer, Inc. from the Google Play Store.
  • An OTG (On The Go) cable. As you can see, the OTG cable has a small male phone connector on one end and a female USB connector on the other.
  • The SE400 embroidery machine.

How to Transfer Files from Computer to the SE400:

  1. Download PES files from computer to USB flash drive.
  2. Connect the phone side of OTG cable to your phone, and the USB side of the OTG cable to your flash drive.
  3. Run File Manager app. You should soon see two drives, Internal Storage and USB Storage.
  4. Press USB Storage and navigate to the file on your USB flash drive.
  5. When you find the file you want to transfer, press and hold down the file name. You should see a check mark. If not, you didn’t press it long enough. Then, on the upper right of the screen you should see 3 dots, press and select “copy to”.
  6. A menu should pop up showing where to copy the file to. Select Internal Storage and navigate to the directory you want to copy it to, then press OK. Now, your embroidery file is in your phone’s internal storage.
  7. Turn on the SE400 (make sure embroidery unit is attached), and plug in the SE400 cable. You can go ahead and press the file transfer icon on your SE400 to get it ready for the file transfer.
  8. Now, leave the OTG cable attached to the phone, but unplug the flash drive from the other end.
  9. Plug the SE400 cable into the USB side of the OTG cable. The File Manager will now consider the SE400 as USB Storage.
  10. Go back to the main menu of the File Manager and press Internal Storage.
  11. Navigate to the embroidery file you want to transfer. Press and hold file name and then select “copy to”.
  12. A menu should pop up showing where to copy the file to. Select USB Storage and press OK*. Now, your embroidery file is in your SE400 machine. You may not see it right away. It usually takes a few minutes of “Transmitting” for it to show up.

This may seem like a long process, but with practice you will be transferring files from your phone to your SE400 in no time. And, as far as I’m concerned, it sure beats having to lug my laptop back and forth to my machine.

* Do not create any subdirectories on your SE400 storage drive. This was the part that really confused me when trying to use Embrotailer. You do not have to select a directory. Just copy to USB Storage, and it will appear on the SE400.

Here are some really cool flash drives that I found by SmartNeedle. They have so many sewing and embroidery themed flash drives. So far, I bought the pink scissors, and I also want the vintage sewing machine and embroidery hoop. These are great for storing all of my embroidery and sewing files.

Aug 092014

Home and Travel Sewing KitHome and Travel Sewing Kit

For home, travel and emergency use. This handy sewing kit is great for those times when a seam bursts, a button pops, or clothing rips unexpectedly. Comes in a sturdy nylon CD size carrying case. This would also make a great starter sewing kit for a young sewer.

  • Compact sewing kit – perfect for home, travel or emergency fixes
  • Comes in a sturdy nylon case that won’t break like other cheap plastic cases.
  • Kit includes stainless steel scissors, 10 needles, multiple spools of thread, thimble, threaders, measuring tape, pins, buttons, and seam ripper.
  • Stylish CD size case, with secure zipper, is compact yet loaded with everything you need to fix and mend any garment
  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 5 x 1 inches

Home and Travel Sewing Kit – Click Here

Jul 192014

SA156 Bobbins are 7/16″ depth, high quality clear plastic and are for use in many Brother sewing and embroidery machines. (10 pack). Please check your manual to verify which bobbin style is right for your machine.

Brother SA156 10 Pack of Class 15, Clear View Plastic Bobbins 1/2
Brother SA156 10 Pack of Class 15, Clear View Plastic Bobbins 1/2″H

10 pack of plastic class 15 bobbins fit all class 15 drop-in rotary or oscillating hook machines, whether older front load or newer top drop in class 15 bobbins. It is ok to use plastic bobbins in metal and plastic bobbin cases. Metal class 15 bobbins should only be used in front load metal bobbin cases as it may cause undue wear on top load plastic bobbin cases, but will work fine.

Price: $6.99

For Use With Brother Models: (See Chart)
Compatible with Babylock Sewing Machine Models: (See Chart)
Compatible with Bernette Sewing Machine Models: (See Chart)

Alternative Part Numbers SA156, SA165, X52800150, X52800120, X52800-120, X52800-050, X52800050 & XA5537051

SA156 is the same featured bobbin as Brother part number XA5539-15

Also same as j4b111662 for new Brother NX, 4500D and Babylock Ellegante machines. Also same as Singer 085128.

Class 15J Bobbins. Are you familiar with the class 15J bobbin? This is a special class bobbin used in the Singer 7400 series of machines, as well as the Futura (CE-100) and Quantum Futura (CE-200). Do not use regular class 15 bobbins in these machines, they will cause tension problems and can damage the bobbin case. The 15J is slightly smaller than the regular class 15, and the edges have a slight curve towards the center. The part number for this bobbin is 085128.

Class 15 plastic bobbins for oscillating shuttle hook machines & their removable underneath bobbin cases, fit in new model drop-in bobbin machines Brother Singer Janome Juki

Both Singer 15J and Brother SA156 Class 15 plastic bobbins have been designed with a slight curvature on the top and bottom flanges with rounded polished edges to help prevent top thread from catching underneath the top flange and jamming machines. Only the original and older versions and generic Class 15 metal and plastic bobbins had straight level flat flanges without as much rounded polished edges.

There are four numbers for the 156 bobbins:

  • SA156—regular empty bobbins
  • SABOBCLIP—same size bobbin also empty with a clip for each bobbin to hold the thread on after they have been wound with thread
  • PWB250—same size bobbin that is prewound with white embroidery bobbin thread
  • PWB250B-same size bobbin that is prewound with black embroidery thread

  • Jul 082014

    This tapestry sewing machine carrying case is on wheels and has a convenient retractable handle to make transporting your machine easier.

    Tapestry Sewing Machine Rolling Trolley Bag (PD60 P60723), 18Tapestry Sewing Machine Rolling Trolley Bag (PD60 P60723)

    Tapestry Finish
    Measures: 18″ x 8.5″ x 14″

    This is a carrying case for full size sewing machines, but NOT for embroidery, serger, or longer arm quilting machines. Please make sure to measure your machine to ensure it will fit, and be sure to leave “wiggle” room for unknown protrusions.

    Price: $49.99

    Jul 032014

    This stylish tapestry tote bag includes a side pocket for accessories, patterns and notions, and a roomy interior to fit your sewing machine.

    Hemline MR4660 Soft Tote Bag Carrying Case 17x8x13

    Hemline Soft Tapestry Sewing Machine Carrying Case

    Hemline’s sturdy construction and attractive tapestry fabric make it great for travel. The entire bag is lined and padded to protect your machine and accessories. Whether you’re going across town to a sewing class or on a long trip, your sewing machine will be safe and secure.

    Sewing Machines need protection from dust, humidity, cold, heat, being knocked off of tables, or rolling over in car trunks and seats. Hint. Use a seat belt

    Hemline machine luggage and trolleys have the enhanced details and functional features you need to hold everything, go everywhere. This is not the trolley case with wheels. It is a carrying case for full size sewing machines, but NOT for embroidery, serger, or longer arm quilting machines. Make sure that you measure your machine to ensure a good fit, leaving a little room for any protrusions.

    • Super-strong, double zippers
    • Deep Pockets are lined and padded
    • Sturdy, dual tote handles with Velcro closure
    • Heavy woven tapestry fabric
    • Measures 17″ L x 8″ W x 13″ H

    Price: $19.99

    Jul 032014

    Bluefig EMB23 23

    Bluefig 23″ Large Embroidery Arm Project Bag

    For the following machines:

    Brother: Innovis NV1500D, NV2500D, NV2800D, NV4000D, NV4500D, NV4750, NV5000, VE2200, VM5100, VM6200, Quattro 1, 2, 3 & 4, Babylock: Elegante, Ellageo, Esante, Ellisimo, Bernina: 830

    Comes in Assorted Colors and Patterns: Red, purple, Dawn, Julie, Black Quiltin’


    Dimensions: 22″ wide x 21″ high x 7″ deep

    Price: $69.99

    Jul 032014

    Singer 388385 10Pk Self Winding Endless Bobbins XL5000, XL6000, Elna 9020, Juki
    Singer 388385 10Pk Self Winding Endless Bobbins – Singer XL5000, XL6000, Elna 9020, Juki

    Wind in place on an Endless Bobbin from the needle thread – Wind in place on an Endless Bobbin from the separate spool in the Wind-in-Place Bobbin System underneath

    Price: $22.99