Feb 162008

Sew Fast Sew Easy by Elissa Meyrich

Includes three ready-to-use patterns

Reinvent Sewing for the Twenty-first Century!
“Where did you get your skirt?”
Ever want to create your own designer-look fashions? Develop unique accessories or home decor? Even if you’ve never held a needle or used a sewing machine, this book is all you need. With three simple patterns and easy-to-follow instructions, you can put your own stamp on fashion and step out in style-yours!

You’ll learn:

  • Tips and techniques from a fashion industry insider
  • How to use your sewing machine to express your creativity
  • How to custom-fit commercial patterns for that sexy look
  • All about the latest fabrics and the best ways to use them
  • Plus a glossary of sewing terms makes quick reference easy.
  • So don’t wait. Use the ideas and simple how-to instructions in this book, and everyone will want to know the secret source for your fabulous clothes and accessories!

    Sew Fast Sew Easy – Click Here!

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