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Industrial sewing machines are made to be more durable and powerful than those manufactured for home use. These heavy-duty machines are made for manufacturing products such as awnings, leather goods, sails, tents, upholstery, etc. Some of the less bulky ones are great for the more challenging home sewing or small business projects, such as crafts or projects requiring heavier fabric, or machines that are much faster.

If you need more accuracy, power and speed, an industrial sewing machine may be a better choice for you. They are much more expensive than home sewing machines, so do some research and be sure that you really need one. One good tip we learned is to look at the product manual when searching for a machine. What you see in normal product descriptions and specifications on a website may not show you all of the features. Some manufacturers have manuals for download or purchase. Check the manual for all of the features you need in an industrial sewing machine.

If you sew with multiple layers of fabric, you might want to consider a machine that has an automatic thread tension adjustment system. If speed is more important to you, choose a machine that has a larger motor than others.

Another thing to be concerned about is that some industrial machines are only made to sew heavier fabrics, such as canvas, sail cloth, leather or heavy upholstery. Lighter fabrics might get chewed up. Make sure you use the machine for what it was intended for.

Our Recommendations for Industrial Sewing Machines:

Brother PQ-1500S Sewing & Quilting Machine

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Juki DDL-8700 Straight Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine

Juki DDL8700 Straight Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine DDL8700, 11″ Arm, 5500 SPM, 1/2″ Foot LIft, 5mmSL, 6SPI, Assembled Power Stand, 100 Needles – at Allbrands for $649.

FREE Organ Japan 16×231 Regular Sharp Industrial Sewing Machine Needles, same as 16×257, 16×71, JLx1B and Juki DBx1 Needle System – Box of 100. Packs of 10

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