Nov 262011

Brother PC-420 PRW Project Runway Limited Edition

This Project Runway™ Limited Edition machine fuels your creative impulse to fashion customized clothing fit to fancy your wardrobe tastes. Sew attire that suits your number one customer – yourself! The PC420PRW is a feature packed, computerized sewing machine designed to sew the perfect stitch every time. With direct stitch selection buttons, your pre-programmed stitch is ready to use with the simple touch of a button. On top of this great feature, My Custom Stitch™ feature is a must-have for all designing sewers. Now you can design your own stitches using the built-in LCD display panel. Saving them to the machine’s memory ensures quick access for your treasured designs. The programmable thread trimmer cuts the upper and lower thread at the end of each task. Customization abounds with this machine leaving you the opportunity to sew any project you can imagine!

    Special Features:

  • Choose from 294 utility and decorative stitches, including 10 styles of one-step automatic buttonholes and 3 lettering styles, each with 55 alphanumeric characters
  • Direct 10-key stitch selection and LCD screen
  • My Custom Stitch™ feature
  • Advanced needle threading system and automatic thread trimming
  • A built-in knee lift raises the presser foot in order to reposition or remove your fabric
  • Digital stitch length and width control

There are many positive reviews of this machine from Amazon (51), (2), and (12).

Cons: Small monogrammed stitches, with a 7 mm maximum stitch width for alphabets. For anything larger, you would have to invest in a more expensive embroidery machine. Also, the needle position defaults to the left, rather than the center when you turn on the machine. It just takes some getting used to.

We found the Brother PC-420 PRW at,,,   and   Walmart.

When price matching, always check for bonuses or extras that may be included at no extra charge, or for less than it would cost to purchase accessories separately. Some vendors offer the same merchandise in different combinations or packages. For example, you might find the Brother comes with or without extra accessories such as a case, thread, etc. Make sure you take that into consideration when comparing values.

Also, take into consideration the cost of shipping because, in some cases, shipping can add a considerable amount to the total cost. Oftentimes, merchants will offer free shipping to the contiguous U.S. states.

Happy Sewing!

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